Pilot ESCO

Pilot ESCO

Public Association «Municipal Energy» (NGO) initiates a pilot project of complex energy efficiency measures by using ESCO mechanism in a residential building.

Actuality: In connection with rising costs of energy Ukrainian citizens aspire to reduce their consumption. Energy efficient measures affect not only reduce energy consumption but also their costs and improve the environment. Thanks to the new Law of Ukraine «On the introduction of new investment opportunities, guaranteeing the rights and interests of businesses to large-scale energy modernization» owners and managers of multifamily buildings are able to carry out complex energy conservation measures using the ESCO mechanism. Since law provides for a new system of payments compensation costs for energy efficient measures, practical examples of ESCO mechanism is still there. ESCO is a high risk of incurring losses due to the lack of developed before “trial and error”. Therefore, the large-scale of energy modernization after the law has not moved from the spot. While the heating season in three months tariffs continue to rise, incomes are falling, we should initiate measures that will reduce future energy costs.

Objective: Spreading the practice of using energy service contracts by pilot implementation of a range of energy efficiency measures in apartment building by ESCO company.

Key measures of scale of energy modernization in terms of energy service contract:

  1. Reconstruction of heating units and installation of new individual heat points;
  2. Thermal protection and overhaul of roofs and basements;
  3. The replacement windows for energy-saving in public places;
  4. Modernization and replacement of internal engineering networks;
  5. Replacement of lighting in public places for energy efficiency and / or installing motion sensors to adjust the illumination in public places;
  6. Insulation of facades.

 Stages of the project:

 The selection of one residential building

  1. Energy audit of building
  2. Preparation of feasibility study, cost estimates for the implementation of a number of energy efficiency measures.
  3. Search partners the necessary materials for the realization of planned energy efficiency measures
  4. Involvement implementing partner – ESCO.
  5. Development and conclusion of energy service contract between the residential buildings and ESCO of implementation of energy efficiency measures and compensation costs of work performed, services and materials expended.
  6. Implementing measures
  7. Monitoring

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