V International Trade Fair INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY '2017

V International Trade Fair INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY ‘2017

7-9 November 2017 at International Exhibition Centre (15 Brovarskoy Ave., Kyiv, Ukraine) the V International Trade Fair  INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY ‘2017 will be held.

The main purpose of the exhibition: introduction of the latest scientific and technical achievements in the production environment to ensure the environmental safety of natural environment.

Focusing on accepted international rules that limit pollution on the environment, there is an urgent need for improvements in the sphere of plastics and rubber waste in Ukraine. Please note, that in this regard, the theme of the exhibition supplemented by a new section: Recycling and disposal of plastic waste and technical rubber products.

We invite industrial and commercial enterprises in different fields to share their achievements and present products relevant to the following subject areas:
– environmental monitoring and assessment of environmental pollution;
– industrial air purification;
– waste and recycling of industrial solid (technology, machinery and equipment);
– recycling and disposal of plastic waste and technical rubber products (machinery and equipment);
– methods for decontamination and remediation of soil;
– technology of sound insulation and noise reduction;
– electromagnetic and radiation emissions control;
– treatment of toxic and radiological waste;
– environmentally technologies and production;
– ecological transport.

The exhibition included conferences, seminars, and round tables on topical legal, technical and financial issues of the environmental situation in Ukraine, international experience and cooperation, as well as the prospects for the development of technologies relating to protection of the natural environment.

Organizer: International Exhibition Centre, Ltd., with the support of Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine.


The following exhibitions will be held:

COMMUNTECH ‘2017 | Official website
Energy- and resource saving technologies, equipment, materials for communal heat-power engineering, water supply and drainage systems, communal fund management and exploitation, road construction machinery, machinery for municipal and special purpose, city transport, road traffic management technical devices, wastes of production and consumption, recycling, polygon management, ecology, amenitizing and municipal service in cities.

X International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy. Alternative fuels and energy-saving technologies, equipment and materials in energy, industry, construction, utilities, agriculture.

AQUA UKRAINE ‘2017 | Official website
XV International Water Forum. Water treatment, water supply, water removal, sewage treatment, sludge treatment, pumps, pipes and pipeline accessories, automation of management of water resources, exploration and extraction of groundwater, technologies and systems for water quality monitoring, protection of water resources, bottled water.

EUROBUILDEXPO ‘2017 | Official website
VII International Trade Fair. Industrial and housing building, architecture and repair works, building technologies, materials and constructions, machinery, equipment, instruments for building and repair works, climate equipment, sources of heating and hot water supply, sanitary engineering, intellectual technologies for the housing automation, elements and products of decoration.

ROADTECHEXPO ‘2017 | Official website
Construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of motor roads, bridges and overpasses; road-building technique, special machinery, machines and mechanisms for building and maintenance of motor roads; materials and technologies; automotive parts to special machinery; road traffic safety devices; illumination of motor roads; careers and plants; roadside service; leasing service, renting of road-building technique.

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